Carrier-wrap arrived last week and my daughter loves it for her new little son. We wandered through the streets of Brighton on Monday and I felt very ‘supported’ with him on my chest. The back support is brilliant and really helped to maintain a healthy posture…. baby Leo loved it too, and slept the whole time.

Susan, UK

Just wanted to say I absolutely love your wraps! I have had other wraps and nothing compares to yours. I use it pretty much on a daily basis. I have a 2 year old so I need my hands free which is what makes this wrap so great!
Thank you.

Alysia, Australia

Your Cozy Wrap simply changed my life. My baby feels calms in it than in any other place. She sleeps well in it without constantly waking up as she normally does. Thank you for this!”

Judith, Israel

“I received the Baby Towel as a present when my son was born, and have used it exclusively ever since! I had to go out and buy another one for when it’s in the wash just so that I always have one available. Who knew that a towel could make bath time so much easier?”

Melanie, United States

“I wanted to thank you for your wonderful invention – the cozy wrap, it’s the best product I have seen. I have used it from the moment my little one was born (facing inwards) and I still use it now (facing outwards). I confess – without it I could not have managed. With also having a 3 year old son it is important to have your 2 hands free.”

Liron, Israel

“We love your Snuggly Sling and I have found it invaluable for discreet breastfeeding in public. I was delighted to hear that the shop where I got it will be back in stock by the end of the month. I have promised my cousin one for her new baby and will continue to recommend the sling to other friends and family members. Keep up the good work!”

Lorraine, Ireland

“I have a cosy wrap and I love it so much! My baby is 10 months and he is getting heavier, but I want to continue to use the wrap in the other different positions. Please let me know if there is a DVD online that I could watch. Thanks for making such an amazing product!!!”

Shoshana, France

“We acquired your multiples bag for twins and must say it is my best acquisition regarding all the shopping for the babies. We are really happy with the solutions it brings within. The comments and responses from the people who see the bag are great and enthusiastic”.

Nami S., Argentina

“I love your products! Your cozy wrap is the best. My baby suffers from reflux, and I don’t know how I would have done it without the cozy wrap!”

Yoniet, Portugal