Babay Floaty

Floating on this pillow feels just like the womb, so your baby will be relaxed during every bath.

Cozy Wrap

An easy to tie wrap, that keeps your baby close to you naturally.

Snugly Sling

This highly convenient sling is worn in an instant, provides complete support for the baby or infant and has an extra thick shoulder pad for your maximum comfort.

Booster Cushion

The Booster Cushion fits most chairs and is suitable from 2 years. With extra strong adjustable straps and buckles, it can easily and safely be attached to any chair

Booster cushion

Kids grow so fast. Before you know it, they’'re getting ready for a regular chair. But not quite. That’'s when our well designed and cheerful Booster Cushion is so useful.

Cuddly Snaily

Ideal as a head bumper in cribs and for defining a safe play area for small children. Also a comfortable option as a nursing pillow.

Classic Bag

If you are looking for a diaper bag that doesn't scream "diaper bag", then this is the bag you've been looking for.

Multipurpose Mat

This surface can be used by the whole family at home, the beach, backyard, or as a picnic blanket